Benjamin Stecher

I was born in Kenya as an Israeli to Polish Jews and moved to Canada as a toddler. After getting a BA from the University of Guelph I left for East Asia and spent nearly a decade in education while travelling the world.

I was diagnosed in 2013 at 29 and managing a Chinese education company in Shanghai at the time. I left China in the summer of 2016 to devote himself to learning as much I could about the disease and how I might be able to make an impact on the wider PD community. I have since traveled the world meeting experts and sharing what I have learned through my site,

Sara Riggare

I live in Stockholm, Sweden with hubby, 15 year old daughter and our two cats. I experienced the first symptoms of Parkinson’s (PD) in 1984, when I was 13 years old and now I combine my engineering skills with my patient experiences to help myself and others with chronic diseases. Currently, I am working to complete my doctoral education at Karolinska Institutet in the area of self-tracking for PD. I was an ambassador for the World Parkinson Congress (WPC) in 2013 and 2016 and am co-chairing the Patients Advocates Committee for WPC 2019. I am also an advisor to the conference Stanford Medicine X and a member of the British Medical Journal’s Patient Panel. Read more on my blog: