How to get involved

How to connect to researchers

  • Google Parkinson’s research in your area
  • Find labs or scientists who might be working on something of interest to you
  • Ask your neurologist, physiotherapist, speech therapist or g.p.
  • Search facebook
  • Ask one of us at P.R.A.G.
  • Reach out to researchers: simply send an email. You’ll be surprised how many are eager to meet patients and more than willing to take you on a behind the scenes tour of their lab and show you what they are doing.
  • We’d love to hear from you: write to us and share what you’ve learned


“What we’ve got here is failure to communicate” – The Captain, Cool Hand Luke

Too many PD researchers are stuck all day in their lab fiddling away under microscopes, many rarely even see the disease they are studying outside of a petri dish. You can help bridge that gap by reaching out to researchers in your community.  Simply ask them to show you what they are working on. Take advantage of all you could learn about PD at a local research center.  You’ll find that many scientists are very willing to share their work with you, and you’ll be helping them put a face to the disease. We have seen how much good can come from simply connecting these groups together and opening dialogue.

How to create educational material

  • Ask questions about the basics of parkinson’s
  • Also ask the questions to which you don’t want the answers
  • Share the answers with us at P.R.A.G.

Education is not the filling of a pailbut the lighting of a fire.” – William Butler Yeats

Help others make sense of what is happening in their head and let others in the community learn from your experience and knowledge. Could be something as simple ‘what do you wish you were told at diagnosis’ or ‘what would you like people to know about your type of PD.’

Get involved, share with us what you’ve learned