Recommended scientific reading

Here we have gathered a selection of scientific articles. Please give us your own suggestions in the comments section below.

By P.R.A.G.

Stecher, Raphael, Riggare and Stott: Research into Parkinson’s Disease needs reform, British Medical Journal

Riggare: E-patients hold key to the future of healthcare, British Medical Journal


Riggare and Unruh: Patients organise and train doctors to provide better care, British Medical Journal

By others


the Movement Disorder Society Evidence-Based Medicine Committee: International Parkinson and movement disorder society evidence‐based medicine review: Update on treatments for the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease


Okun: Management of Parkinson Disease in 2017: Personalized Approaches for Patient-Specific Needs, JAMA


Richards, Snow and Schroter: Co-creating health: more than a dream, British Medical Journal